Simple n Strong, Easy n Fun PIN, Passwords & Tokens

Have you ever imagined your Passwords, Tokens and E-Signatures to be Shorter, Stylish, Easy to Remember & Super Strong at same time?

Now you can have Stylish Password like:  SECURE

It is as stronger as qzRtC{6rXN\AB. No more long cryptic passwords. Statistics wise

5 char long Rainbow Password = 20 char long legacy password

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About Our Products

We innovate to bring best of best security solutions for every large and small businesses

Rainbow password offer you to use your creativity to make your password stronger. Rainbow suite of products uses Font, Font Style, Font Color, Shading, Picture Pattern, Picture coloring, as a part of user password for user authentication and verification. User personalizes password by choosing different combinations of given factors for each character/image/image parts in password.
Benefits of Rainbow Password:
Textual Memory Vs Visual Memory Our product makes users use Brain’s both halves: textual memory and visual memory. Visual Memory makes password easy to remember and more acceptable.
$$ Cost Savings $$ for Companies Using our products users achieve more comparable password strength for less Rainbow password length. Our 5 char long password = 20 char long legacy password
Our 4 digit PIN gives you 207 million combinations
User often forgets passwords as they are long and not easy to remember due to complexity requirements. With Rainbow, Less calls to IT helpdesk. Less cost servicing password, account issues. Freeing up resources for other important issues that users face.
Easy to Implement & Integrate with existing system We provide APIs and technical resources to integrate our services and solutions to your application architecture.

Products & Solutions

  • Rainbow Password: Font, Font Style, Size, Font Color & Shading enabled PIN/Password
  • Rainbow Pattern Password: Picture Formatting enabled PIN/Password for users with difficulty remembering textual data
  • Rainbow Picture Password: Coloring parts of Chosen Picture as a PIN/Password for users with difficulty remembering textual data or who finds it more easier to with with Picture and colors.
  • StylPIN Password: Font Name, Size and Style enabled PIN/Password
  • StylPIN Factor: Style enabled Token for two factor authentication.
  • StylPIN Verify: Style enabled User Captcha Verification
  • Patient Consent Solution for ePHI exchange for Healthcare Industry
  • eSignature Solution for Businesses using Style enabled Token Text
  • StylPIN Image Factor: Picture Formatting enabled Token for two factor authentication
  • StylPIN Image Verify: Picture Formatting enabled User Captcha Verification for users who have difficulty using keyboard


Real Time Technical Support by Real People

We use real people to give you personalized support for all of your technical issues


We provide walk through tutorial videos for first time users

Safe and Secure

Our Security Solutions are safe and Secure. We don't store or persist personal or credential details or any kind of PHI on our end.

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For Major public facing websites like Banks, Insurance Companies, Media Companies, Online Education Providers, Online Exam and Certification Providers

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Training and Support for your technical staff included with every plan. We also provide custom development and integration support Services for Pro and Unlimited PlansLearn More

We Offer Services

Custom Development and Integration Services for all Rainbow Password & StylPIN Products

Hand-crafted with Detailed

All our products are customizable to user needs

Light and Fast

Our products and solutions run light weight on system resources and run fast


We patent our solutions to give you best solution every time

Security Audit Services

We provide auditing of your IT Environment by certified Security Experts.

Security Patch Monitoring Services

We also provide Security Patch monitoring Service where we make sure that all applicable and required patches are installed for environment. No more getting caught off the guard. Contact us for appointment.

Fun, Creative

Our solutions are fun to use and allows users to be creative with their PINs and Tokens

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is Rainbow password?

Rainbow password is our innovation in password credentials that uses Font, Font Style, Font Color, Shading, Picture coloring, as a part of user password for user authentication and verification. User personalizes user name and or password by choosing different color combination of given factors for each character or word in password.

What is StylPIN?

StylPIN is ground breaking innovative product to use Style options like Font, color, Font Style, Picture Formatting and other formatting for passwords, PINs and Tokens

I have technical problem, who do I email?

How do I integrate with my product?

We provide APIs to be invoked from your product.

Getting Started

Write or Call us with your needs or just call us if you are interested in deploying our solution but don't know how exactly it will fit in yours.

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