Password is Reborn as Rainbow Password,
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Color it, Style it, Secure it

The Colorful, Stylish, smartest and most flexible Password technique by Rainbow Password you've ever seen. Create Extremely Strong, Secure Password, PINS and Smart multi-factor tokens; exactly what you need with our powerful Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password Technology & rSecure Solutions is exactly what you need to get complete cyber defense

What is Rainbow Password

Rainbow Password is aNew technology that helps you to create an extremely strong Password. It's not password generator but technique that allow you to use 17 million colors as a font color and 17 million colors as a background color and 100's of style options as a part of your password.  So now you don't need to worry about so big length and complex rules, just apply some color or style to text or picture  that you can easily remember and it becomes your password.


Simplicity and Creativity is What you need for stress free digital life

What Makes Rainbow Password strong

Rainbow Password have So many easy option  for text ,pictuer, password.
17 million color options for font colors, font shading, and pictures, 100+ combinations of font styles like Font, Size, bold, italic etc in Rainbow Password authentication and Smart multi-factor.

Traditionally   we are using 26 Uppercase, 26 Lower case and around, 10 digits and some special characters all together we are using 62 possible characters in legacy password.

In Rainbow  Password we are using this 62 character and
(17 million  X  17 million  X 100 ) color and style options for text password.


Take Full Control of Your Application Security

How Can I Use 17 million Colors

Color Dimension for password

A password or credential need not be just black and white alphabets and numbers. Now you can use 17 million possible RGB colors as font colors or shading colors for each and every character or word of your password. You can make your password personal with colors of your choice and make it strong.

Tips: Use your favorite colors for fruits, clothing or flowers as your password colors. You can even be innovative by using your chosen date or numbers as RGB color codes and create your own custom color for password. You have to choose 3 number codes between 0 and 255 to make personalized color with your own shade.

Create Your Own Amazing Amazing experience for Users, Best cyber defense for companies with lower IT Support costs

Why Rainbow Password is best

According to the traditional advice—which is still good—"a strong password: A longer password would be even better. Includes Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters: Use a mix of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack"


Now Rainbow Password have Total 17 million font color X 17 million shading X 100+ style options for each characters of password that we traditionally use .That makes Rainbow password harder to crack and Extremely strong authentication.

Seamless integration

Our Industry standard and compliant APIs and expert technical help makes it easy to integrate with your enterprise's application, websites and make it part of your corporatewide security strategy.


If you use less complexity and less length still Rainbow password gives extremely strong password. We handle all complexity on behalf of user so user can enjoy stress free security. If you have 6  character long Rainbow Password with two colors and one style, that equals to more than 50 character of legacy password.

Powerful and flexible Customization

Powerful and really flexible security configuration options makes Rainbow Password technologies an ideal candidate for your company's front line cyber defense. You can choose from password and password less options, from text password, picture password, picture pattern password options for SaaS, Hybrid cloud or on premise installations.


Rainbow password is giving user friendly options for strong authentication compared to today's complex password rules of Like "Passwords should be long, complex and harder to crack." It allows users to adhere to regular password change guidelines without actually changing password. They can just change some color or style every season or holidays or sporting event.

No Auto password generator Needed

Auto password generator and Password manager create weird complex password that are hard to remember and handle. We don't need any of those, just keep it simple.

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What problem it solves

While security is complicated and the Internet is a scary, dangerous place. Despite recent advances in authentication technologies, traditional passwords are still the way users log into most services. That’s why it’s so tragic that so many people use terrible passwords. According to a recent analysis, 86% of users use passwords that have already been cracked. Yet companies cannot afford to be complacent. With the average security breach now costing companies $3.86 million.

Characteristics of strong password
# 1: At least 15 characters—the more characters, the better.
#2: Strong passwords need to have letters, numbers and special characters.
#3: Passwords should be rotated frequently.
#4: A password breach isn’t a big deal if you don’t use that account for anything important.

A password that is nine characters long will take about two hours to brute force on average with modern computing resources. Adding just a single character to this password length increases the time to brute force to one week, everything else being equal. By the time you get to 12 characters, it should be able to withstand an attack for about 3 more weeks. As Super computer gets stronger this length requirement is sure to be increased at all websites and programs. We solve this crazy length requirement for passwords. You cannot expect human brain to evolve at the speed of innovation of super computer.

A smart attacker could get access to your account by deploying variety of tactics.
Because passwords are the most commonly used mechanism to authenticate users to an information system, obtaining passwords is a common and effective attack approach. Access to a person’s password can be obtained by looking around the person’s desk, ‘‘sniffing’’ the connection to the network to acquire un encrypted passwords, using social engineering, gaining access to a password database or outright guessing. Now that rainbow password would have colors and styles, such sniffing and social engineering is rendered utterly useless. User choices for colors, styles and graphical actions makes it almost impossible to trace, engineer or trap user credentials.

The last approach can be done in either a random or systematic manner: Brute-force password guessing means using a random approach by trying different passwords and hoping that one work Some logic can be applied by trying passwords related to the person’s name, job title, hobbies or similar items. In a dictionary attack, a dictionary of common passwords is used to attempt to gain access to a user’s computer and network. One approach is to copy an encrypted file that contains the passwords, apply the same encryption to a dictionary of commonly used passwords, and compare the results. In order to protect yourself from dictionary or brute-force attacks, you need to implement an account lockout policy that will lock the account after a few invalid password attempts. You can follow these account lockout best practices in order to set it up correctly.

Auto password generator and Password manager create weird complex password that are hard to remember and handle. Rainbow passwords are always stylish and easy to handle.

There are scenarios where text password is not ideal way to provide credentials. Rainbow Picture and Picture Pattern passwords comes handy for touch devices and user consoles from tablets to Kiosks to vertical Visual Dashboards.

Rainbow password less logins is also an option for public environments where you may fear that somebody might be watching you.

Enabling legacy multi-factor is not enough. Smart hacking scripts can read compromised emails, users can click bad links but with Rainbow Smart Multifactor user will not need to worry. Multi-factor tokens, formatting instructions, user actions and proprietary AI based techniques makes sure that legit user actions from legit page is doing multi-factor and tons of formatting options make it impenetrable defense. Give your applications and websites a Rainbow Smart Multi-factor boost.

Today's bio-metric technologies are not foolproof and may allow fake ones. Users may also be tricked onto providing bio-metrics at some point. It's also expensive to implement and train users. Use Rainbow technologies and give easy to understand, reliable cyber defense to your users.

Yubikey, Password-less login this method use traditionally only text token dependency. As super computer get stronger and stronger. Some point it may also be overpowered and hacked by Hacker.

Rainbow technology have endless options and it leads to new path of authentication verification.

Adding color and style to your password, credentials be the smartest way  to solve all this problems.

Get Rainbow Password API, solutions, tools and technologies today. We have the strongest security options for every scenario, use case and company of any size.


How can I Integrate

Our API based authentication, multi-factor and password less login solutions with experienced technical help makes integration seamless and breeze.
Whether you have on premise, web-based, thick-client or SaaS based deployment our Rainbow password, geoACL technologies and solutions from our partners will make your logins, data, documents, communications and workflow actions extremely secure and compliant. Our premium cyber security assessment and audit services will find and recommend what is exactly needed and will show you the path forward.

Whether you are a Startups, System Integrator or big IT shop with myraid applications and projects, we are here to help you achieve complete 3 dimensional cyber defense, keeping you secure, compliant and keep running.

Stress Free Security

Unlimited creative color, style, picture options gives strong security,

APIs and Technology Licensing for Enterprise Customers, Product, App Developers, Identity Providers, System Integrations

Solutions Available for On-Premise Hosting & Hosted Model (Plans Available)

Choose from our pre-designed industry specific tool set or ask us for custom cyber security evaluation. Email:

Rainbow Password

Rainbow Picture Password   

Pattern Password

Rainbow  Smart

 Location Based  authentication, Location watcher services

Rainbow  Passwordless Login /
One Time Password

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Rainbow technology is  your most reliable cyber defense

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We intend to serve all individuals as well as all businesses who need strong security like Government, Banking, Payments, Crypto Currency, Investment, Email, SAS solution, Healthcare, Insurance, Cloud storage, Hosting, Online Education, Online Testing or Benefits accounts providers.

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