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The Colorful, Stylish, smartest and most flexible Password technique by Rainbow Password you've ever seen. Create Extremely Strong, Secure Password, PINS and Smart multi-factor tokens; exactly what you need with our powerful Rainbow Password

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Join the 100+ Satisfied Customers Today at Rainbow Password, geoACL LLC which are using our solution. Created by the industry leaders Rainbow Password, geoACL LLC  is a comprehensive set of Product and solutions which are super easy to pick up, implement and run. It gives you a huge leg up to Secure your own digital assets. Powerful Product & solutions, unlimited option and amazing support are the reasons for our customers to fall in love.

Every Corporate, Government, Non-Profit or Service Based Organizations need to protect their digital assets, business/trade secrets, operational and customer data from Cyber attacks and data breaches.

 They also need to have solid working Disaster Recovery Strategy in place to mitigate natural and man made disasters, cyber threats like Ransomware attacks.

 Whether you are in Finance, Fin-tech, banking, pharma, Professional Service based organization like CPAs, Law firms, Consulting firms or running government agencies at Federal, State or local level, one or other Cyber Security or Data privacy related compliance regulations need to be followed and you need to be in business no matter what threat comes in.

Rainbow Password Technology and rSecure Digital Solutions are must to get 3 dimensional defense against all of these problems. They are most affordable, secure, easy to adopt with minimal training and comes with lower IT Support costs.

 KeyFobs and Bio-metric driven logins and multi-factors have their own issues as KeyFobs can be stolen, misused and put back, it again uses legacy g password strings for apps and websites and Biometric auth can be done by tricking users or copying biometric identities in one way or other.

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Lets take an example of typical organization with Business Operations, Customer Service, Legal/Compliance and IT Departments.

There will be applications (cloud hosted/on prem) that Business operation user uses to carry out normal course of Business. Hackers go after these users via attacks like Phishing, user clicking tempting link on certain website or installs some compromised software or driver. They will even try to simply break his account by running Brute-force and key logger type of attacks.

Once Hacker gains access to user computer and windows login token, will get access to Sharepoint, Network share and other repositories as well.

Lets see how Rainbow Technology and rSecure solutions can prevent such attacks and safegurard user accounts.

(1) User using Rainbow Password Technology enabled Applications will have 17 million colors and 100s of styles to create very strong password credentials. Now because of stronger password with hugh hash bruteforce attacks are completely ruled out. 6 character typical rainbow password is as strong as 30-100 character legacy password. Key logger can only capture key strokes but not the graphical actions that user does to format the passwords.

Rainbow Password API will enable developers to provide the option to users to login with Rainbow password. It can be deployed on SaaS, Private Cloud or On premise. Authentication server taking web service calls and ready to use Login pages will be given which can be customized as per organization needs including branding.

(2) a) User is using touch friendly devices on the way and need to check on operational alerts and possibly respond.

Rainbow picture pattern password and Rainbow Picture Password options will give users quick and easy way to login.

geoACL Location based security will give transparent security layer thus enabling only the access that is needed when user is outside of normal workplace or home office.

It will also prevent possible credential misuse by unauthorized users or employees using peers login credentials as quick and dirty way to get things done rather then going through formal approval process. Compliance regulations also don't permit it.

b) User really need to gain higher access, if organization has enabled AskforMore option using multi-factor, user will be asked to go for Rainbow Smart Multi-factor using text or picture based tokens with formatting instructions.

(3) User needs to approve a purchase/refund/ with higher threshold or allow request new account. These type of transactions which require higher level of security are ideal candidates for Rainbow Smart Multi-factor.

Legacy multi-factor still uses same old way of sending token to user that he/she has to blindly copy paste or type in.

Because of this mechanism now there are cyber attacks on multi-factor process. Hackers can monitor your compromised email or phone with malware for incoming text message. They will then trace out the token and apply on their unauthorized actions to make it authorized by user.

Other type of cyber attack on multi-factor simply shows legit looking page to user who supplies real token for multi-factor which is then used by fake page to pass to real page and approve the action that user has not authorized.

None of the current multi-factor competitors out there can solve these problems today. Not even google, duo, RSA or microsoft authenticator. Because of app driven options they are again prone to device security attacks.

Rainbow Smart multi-factor will come to rescue here.

It sends users text/picture tokens but it does not stop there.

It also sends users formatting instructions that he has to understand and follow on screen.

Now these understanding of instructions in short time and taking graphical actions prevent any possible attacks on multi-factor and user can confidently do multi-factor keeping everything safe and secure.

(4) User need to store data and documents with sensitive customer and legal information. It should be accessible by team and project members when needed.

rSecureNote for Business with rCloudStorage is the way to go. rSecureNote can be used to mimic organization structure and configured to give necessary access to employees on different teams and projects.

No extra App or tool kit is needed to be installed on user devices.

It stores the data with highest level of encryption possible and uses huge Rainbow password inspired keys to protect the data at rest. Even in case of data breach, hackers cannot decrypt and use anything.

Flexible Deployment: It can be on our SaaS, your own cloud hosting at AWS or MS Azure (ask us for your AWS and Azure needs) or on your data centers within your premises and firewalls.

(5)If you are having problems with accessing your account, please follow several quick and easy troubleshooting steps that will help you fix the issue in no time. For example, you can reset your password via email or SMS, change the username, or whatsoever.

(6) Legal/Compliance Department needs to know who all worked on given customer's records in last 2 weeks.

We store complete audit history of user and team admin actions in rSecureNote and rCloudStorage. Compliance officers have access to audit in easy to search manner.

(7)IT department need to keep track of users who move between projects and teams and change their access. They also need to revoke access for those who leave the organization.

Our Active Directory/LDAP integration for teams, projects and Users will be able to use such change information uploaded by IT support.

If given access AD service can monitor AD using scheduled jobs and take care of changing and revoking access for Rainbow password and rSecureNote Users.

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